Monday, February 27, 2017

Best Best Friends

I love best girl friends. Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams epitomize besties. They've been friends since they met on the set of Dawson's Creek and Busy is always Michelle's plus-one to awards ceremonies. Michelle seems very shy and pensive. I'm sure she's been accused of being a bitch more than once only because of her quiet, introverted nature. Busy on the other hand is bubbly and outgoing. I follow her on Instagram and she is hilarious and very down to Earth. Based on Busy's Insta-stories, she seems to bring out the silly in Michelle. They are really cute together and I bet having your bestie with you at a long, boring awards ceremony makes it much more tolerable! I love, love, love Busy's dress. Until I found pictures for this post, I thought it was black and wasn't that excited about it, but holy crap, it's green. I love a green dress. LOVE. I love this one and would put it right up there in my top 3 dresses of the night. I'm not that in love with Michelle's- it's pretty boring and safe. I'd love to see her in more color. Imagine her in a deep purple and berry lip. Yes!

 If you follow any one celebrity on Instagram, it should be her. Her instastories are phenomenal.

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