Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kate in Kanada part II


After Will and Kate landed in Vancouver today, they dropped the kids off with a sitter and changed into something a little more edgy. Will took off his dark blue suit and put on a dark gray suit. Simmer down, Will, you're starting to get a bit crazy. Kate slipped on a $5000 Alexander McQueen dress from the 2017 resort collection. It was customized for her (see the photo of the original dress below) with a change in sleeves and made a bit longer. I have good and bad feelings about this dress. First, I love the print. It was chosen because it represents the Canadian flag. It's a departure for Kate to choose such an different print and I like it. Red looks amazing on her. I like the details of the neckline. What I don't love about this dress is the change of sleeves. The original sleeves were a large bell type sleeves. They countered the flouncy bottom. They gave the dress maturity, interest. With the tailored, long sleeves the dress becomes stuffy and a bit picky and it makes the skirt look like a school girl's. She probably would have been slayed for wearing such a "weird" dress if she'd kept the sleeves, but I think she would have rocked it. Next, her styling is off. The red heels are so specific and the purse is too matchy matchy. How great would a dark belt look with the dress like below? Mega-great. I know I'm being very critical here, but that's my job as the official Royal Canadian Tour Fashion Correspondent. 

Here's the original dress:

Kate in Kanada

Will and Kate are in Kanada (I've been so influenced by the Kardashians that sometimes I don't acknowledge that C's exist). Today is day one. I'm going to lay down some ground rules for my coverage of their trip:
1. I only care about what people are wearing
2. Except for Will because he only wears navy blue suits

Let's begin with Kate. Many think she is a style icon, like Princess Diana. I'm not convinced. I wish she'd take more risks like Diana did. Kate dresses conservatively and while most times, I don't mind her dresses, I just wish she's mix it up a bit with her styles and designers. Kate also needs to mix it up with her shoes. While nude and navy blue pumps are fine, she needs to go online to Nordies and find some interesting, stylish, fun shoes (plus free shipping and returns)!

I like Kate's dress. It's a pretty color on her and a nice fit. It's nothing we haven't seen before and quite frankly, it's a little old-fashioned looking. Little Charlotte's dress is so cute though. I love smocking. I wish I could dress my daughter in a smocked dress every day. I can critique Kate's style until I'm blue in the face, but I can't trash the way she dresses her kids. They always look so well put together in their classic kids attire. A+ for kid styling!

Next up is Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, the First Lady of Canada. Sophie has keen eye for style. She wears a lot of unknown Canadian designers. She seems a bit more trendy, bold, and youthful with her style. I love her deep violet dress. It's a simple sheath cut, but the color and shoulder details elevate it. Love her shoes, don't love her hat. When I first looked at the photo, I did like the hat, but as I looked at more shots, the different color was somewhat distracting. Sophie has perfect wavy hair. It looks great with the hat. I think I have a new First Lady crush.                                                                                        Her husband, Justin (also known at the Prime Minister of Canada), looks great too. I'm digging his three piece suit. The world needs more snappy three piece suits. Justin also has an amazing head of hair. It's like a Canadian Hair-Off between Kate, Sophie, and Justin. Poor Will is left out of this one. I guess he can be the hair competition judge.

And then there's this lady. Who is she? Who the hell cares, right?!?! Actually, I do. She is the Canadian Governor General's wife and her outfit is awesome. What is a Governor General? He/she is the representative of the queen in each of her commonwealth states. The hat, the bright yellow-green color, the sassy jacket, her giggles with Kate, I'm in love. She is perfection. 

The future King of England does not high-five

Prince George is in Canada and let's get one thing straight from the get go- George high fives no one, not the Prime minister of Canada, not the Queen of England, no one. This is a kid who met Barack Obama in his bathrobe. I'm surprised he even put on pants for the Canadian Prime minister.  Justin Trudeau tried to pretend to be the cool uncle by high fiving little George, who would have none of that bullshit. He also scoffed at a low five. Nice try, Uncle Trudeau. Don't bother trying to steal his nose or he will sick his royal guards on you.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Not Horrible

I rate Kim K West's clothes on a scale of 0 to not horrible. With not horrible being the best she can every really achieve. It hasn't always been this way. Kim used to dress fairly cute. She's never been a style icon, but she using her nipples as an accoutrement. It's really been since Kanye has entered her life that her style has taken a down turn, especially since she's become a walking billboard for his Yeezy collections.

Kim and Kanye were at a wedding last night. She is dressed head to toe in Yeezy and it's not horrible. Yay?!?! Her hair and makeup are gorgeous. Say what you will about Kim, but her make-up as of late has been much more natural and lovely. I like her necklaces. The dress is fine, again, not horribe. Those damn boots, though. They need to go away. She needs to tell Kanye to shove those damn boots up his own arse when he asks her to wear them with his clothes.

Michelle Hugs it Out

If a picture is worth 1000 words, what would this one say? This would be a perfect SAT essay topic. God we could wax on about the racial and political implications of this photo, couldn't we? But I won't. All I can think about is how much I love Michelle O!!! Can the nation just agree that the next 4 years are going to be tough, no matter who the president is, because we will not have Michelle. We don't realize how important a role Michelle plays for our country. She is our style, our strength, our mother, our best friend. She is the antithesis of a politician, but could be an amazing politician with her honesty, intelligence, and ability to play ball with everyone. Look at her hugging Georgie B at the opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History. The expression on his face shows that he's happy to be warmly embraced by the First Lady. Think about how many public figures could get away with hugging a former president without it looking contrived or very uncomfortable.

Let's take advantage of every moment we have left with Michelle. Our time is fleeting. Come January we will either have Melania (shudder) or Bill as our First Spouse. Neither will be able to fill Michelle's cute, practical shoes. Tear..dripping....down.......face.................

Friday, September 23, 2016

I really regret doing this...

This is too much. I love Zach Galifianakis's Between Two Ferns, mostly because he plays such an ignorant asshole. Hillary plays him well with her unimpressed attitude towards his tomfoolery. She was apparently diagnosed with pneumonia on the day this was filmed so her calm demeanor is most likely due to the fact that she was septic #metabolicenephalopathy.

The real Power Couple

While the world is mourning the loss of the last Movie Star Glamour Couple, Amal Clooney stepped out to remind us that She and George are still here on Earth being super glamorous and important. Amal is who Angie wants to be. She smart, gorgeous, well-dressed, powerful, connected, and successful. Amal is currently suing ISIS. Yes, you read that correctly, ISIS. Go big or go home, Amal.

Mean Tweets

It's funny to watch celebrities read their own mean tweets. I particularly enjoy Margot Robbie's tweet. I'm going to start using that insult on the daily.

Shovey McPunchyfists

Before we get into the newest information about the Brad and Angie bust up, can we first talk about how good the late 1990/early 2000s were for Brad Pitt? Fight Club came out in 1999 and I'm gonna go ahead a call this his hottest movie (followed closely by The Legends of the Fall from 1994). My number 3 favorite Brad Pitt role was in Ocean's 11, but it was more for his cute personality and friendship with George Clooney's character. I don't remember seeing him with his shirt off in that movie, so he gets no points for hotness. Jennifer Aniston really got the best of Brad. Even if she lost the man himself, she got his best years, so she should feel smug about that.

Ok, let's move on. Enough about talking about Brad's face and abs. Let's talk about his troubled soul. Because, shit is not right with Brad Pitt right now. TMZ has reported this am that Brad and Angie were in an argument on their private plane. 15 year old Maddox jumped up to defend his mom and that's where things went south. Brad lunged at Maddox and Angie stepped in to block him. Brad connected somehow with Maddox, but it is unknown to what extent and if it was intentional or accidental.

An interesting detail that TMZ reveals is that "Angelina says he was sober at the time but got drunk later in the flight." Brad's sources state he was drunk at the time. I think this will be a very important detail. It's interesting that Brad's taking the "I was drunk" angle. But with this he can blame everything on drunken rage and go to rehab and make everything better. If he was sober, than he's just an angry sober guy who attacks 15 year olds. That's harder to rehab. Another tidbit from TMZ is that "our sources say Brad has never acted aggressively toward his kids in the past -- other than verbally -- and Angelina felt the incident on the plane was a deal breaker." I love how "other than verbally" was slipped in there. I can see Brad being a yeller, can't you?

To be continued...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Brad Strikes Back

If only Brad were as smart as his Fight Club character...if only...

Yesterday I wondered how Brad Pitt would play defense after Angelina's bomb drop. Turns out Brad also doesn't have a publicist. He quit his in 2008 and has been under the control of medial wizard, Angie since then. Now he's on his own. He responded to Angie's allegations that he's an unfit father by arguing that "she's just unleashed hell" because "there's now a bounty on the heads of the entire family, because they've now become a prime target for the gaggle of paparazzi." He also corresponded directly with TMZ.

Let's dissect this, shall we?
1. His response to Angie calling him out on his parenting is to call her out on her parenting. He just issued a proverbial "NO, YOU ARE!!!" as part of his first defense.
2. He wasn't even creative enough to use a different media outlet. It's like he googled "Brad and Angie Divorce" and since TMZ had the most legitimate coverage of his break-up, he decided to go with them first. DUH! Branch out and find a different place to leak your information, you bonehead. There's US Weekly, Huffington, People, PopCrush...lots of people would be happy to report on your behalf.
3. Brad needs to hire help immediately. He'd better call the number two image controller, Beyonce, for some tips ASAP. She'll have him releasing a secret album in no time. It will have his side of the story laid over 10 tracks and a artsy video to go along with it entitled, "Sour Grapes". 

I am in no way, Team Angie and my opinion of Brad took a nose dive right around the time he cheated on his wife with the human form of Ursula the Sea Witch.
Despite this,  I've always been fascinated by their little insular world, her image control, and his dimwitted ability to just roll along with it all. They are stars alone, but otherworldly together. Which makes them so, so interesting and makes this whole divorce even more so. This could have been a private, quiet divorce, because Angie knows how to do that. She has the skills to make an under-the-radar divorce happen...just like she made their under-the-radar marriage happen. And her mastectomy happen. She issued her statement as it was yesterday on purpose and it was to get everyone's attention.

There have been rumors that "something" happened. One "source" is referring to an incident that happened about 1 week ago which gave her no choice but to file for divorce. Something that forced her hand. Here's is a quote from US Weekly, clearly released by someone close to her or even Angie herself (shit, Brad, she's cornering the'd better turn to Instagram, FB, Snapchat, youtube as fast as possible and make them yours):

“The final divorce decision was only made one week ago,” the insider tells Usof Jolie Pitt’s resolve to permanently part ways with Pitt, 52. “An incident took place and prompted [Angelina] to act and file.” While details of the incident remain unknown, the insider tells Us that it “affected the entire family.” Though she may have acted hastily, pulling the plug on her relationship with the eternal heartthrob was not an easy call to make for Jolie Pitt, 41. “She still says Brad is the love of her life, and the decision has weighed heavy on her heart,” the source adds. “Her priority now is the children.” The Oscar-winning actress and director is presently in New York, according to the insider.

God, I can't get enough of the power plays here. I predict Brad will realize he's in way over his head with his mastermind wife and hire himself a powerful attorney and publicist. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Angelic 2 the Core

Oh lordy, lordy. The Today Show clearly has waaaay to much time to fill everyday and had to scrape the bottom of the barrel with diamond blade scraper to find this musical act. Something tells me that Corey Feldman, a group of college girls, and this "rapper" who happened to be on his 20th wedding anniversary trip in NYC with his wife were all standing out in Rockefeller Plaza holding signs and acting super excited, like tourist do on the Today Show. The producers needed to fill up 5 minutes of time and asked for a show of hands to see who'd be willing to perform. Corey, who never says no to screen time, jumped at the opportunity. An oversized Men's Warehouse white tuxedo vest, three dollar store halos, and a quick iphone snap of Corey's cd cover and they were ready to roll.  Thank you, Stacey G for the heads up! I'm going to head to my nearest Sam Goody and purchase this album asap.

It's Like Keyser Soze Tweeting "I was Kevin Spacey the whole time"

I'm just going to leave this right here. It speaks for itself.

The Girl on the Train (track)

I have yet to see the Girl on the Train (is it even out in theaters yet?), but I know that Emily Blunt was perfectly cast. For starters, she's a terrific actress. Secondly, she's beautiful, but not SO beautiful that she couldn't become the disheveled mess that her character is. Thirdly, she has a British accent and the character is British...even though this movie takes place in the US, so it actually doesn't really matter if her character is British or not. I just like it when Emily is allowed to use her British accent.

Emily was at the premeire of The Girl on the Train in Leiscter Square in London. And look, she's posed on a train track. Get it? I love her look here. This dress is to DIE FOR. I'm so obsessed with floral patterns right now. I've never loved a floral, but right now, can't get enough. She has never looked prettier. I'm giving her bonus points for her gorgeous hair and make up as well. Love, love, love, gush, gush, gush.


The internet caught on fire today after Angelina dropped a huge divorce bomb via TMZ. After 12 years of marriage she is quitting Brad's shit. What shit is that, you say? Well, according to the statement on TMZ it is his shitty parenting style.

“Angelina's decision to file has to do with the way Brad was parenting the children ... she was extremely upset with his methods. We're told there was no alleged "third person" ... her decision to file was solely over Brad's interaction with their children.”

Yikes, Brad! I'm not sure that's the whole story. Either he is a horrible monster father who is verbally, psychological, or physically abusive or this is nice little way to set up public favor on her side to get full custody of her kids. Per TMZ she only wants him to have visitation. Jinkies!  I think it's the tip of the iceberg and always felt there was a LOT going on behind the scenes that everyone was ignorant about- fighting, drugs, chaos, alcohol, infidelity. Their beautiful faces, humanitarianism, and lovely brood of children created a perfect smoke and mirrors effect.

There is, of course, immediate speculation that Brad cheated on Angie with his former co-star,  Marion Cotillard. She is so beautiful, I would probably cheat on my husband with her if she were my co-star too. Marion has a child and has been in a long term relationship with Guillaume Canet, a French actor, director, and screen writer. Page Six is reporting that Angie hired a private investigator to follow him on set, because she had her suspicions. I'm convinced that once people are cheaters, they are always cheaters, so while this isn't entirely surprising, it is only rumor at this point. Let's not drag Marion into this until we know for sure, ok?

Finally, let's talk Angelina, because this will be very important to consider while this break-up plays out. She is a public relations wizard. She's the best. You know how Beyonce keeps her shit tight with the media? Angie keeps it tighter. A friend of mine is an editor at Elle (Hi friend). When they had Angie on the cover a few years ago she had FULL control of everything. And she didn't use a publicist. Everyone had to deal directly with her, which makes her a very rare unicorn in Hollywood. Think about how frequently you see her family photographed. It's not very often and when it is, there is usually a movie or something to promote or it's a random airport shot. The Brangelina family keeps it locked down in stealth mode otherwise. So when celebrities tell you they are hunted by the paparazzi, remind them about Angie and her team of children who, for the most part, flit around the world unphotographed. So back to Angie and the no publicist thing. I'm not sure if she has one now. She has a very famous divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser. Laura was most recently Johnny Depp's lawyer for his divorce. TMZ had a lot of pro-Johnny posts at that time. TMZ released the Brange divorce statement. Coincidence? Unlikely. I would expect that most of their "quotes" about the Brange divorce have been stamped with approval by Angie herself. Again- she keeps that shit TIGHT, guys. Tighter than Lindsey Vonn's ass.

Stay tuned for more. From here on out, I'm going to trust TMZ as the place to get information from Angie's point of view about this divorce. Remember that there are always two sides to every store so it will be interesting to see how Brad plays defense. While I always want a marriage to succeed, especially when there are kids involved, I also enjoy a good celebrity divorce. #blogfodder

**Thanks to my intrepid reporters Kristen, Drea, and Cate who woke my ass up today with a barrage of text messages about this breaking news. It's good to have boots on the ground.

Monday, September 19, 2016

You Put the Lotion In the Basket...

Emilia Clarke is a lovely, young girl. Someone thought it would be funny to make her a dress out of skin. I'm not sure how she could have looked in the mirror and said, "Yes, this is the one!" Maybe she's a huge Silence of the Lambs fan. This dress is a deep purple or magenta would have been superb. It fits her like a glove...a glove made of human skin.

Best Arm Candy

A less or even non-famous celebrity spouse has to play it safe on the red carpet. They can't upstage their partner. Jessica Seinfeld is a perfect example of how to do it right. She is wearing a simple dress, which is so sweet and elegant. I love the tea length, tulle skirt, and beading detail on the top. Her make up is gorgeous and those earrings are beautiful. They are a cute couple.

Feeling Blue

Emily Rajoflzwizskdr (no idea how to spell or pronounce her last name) ie- the girl from the Blurred Lines video was at the Emmys. Why, I don't know. They seem to let anyone in, don't they? She wore a blue dress with a mermaid silhouette. I don't love a mermaid silhouette. It has to be really special for me to be in love. This dress is way too fussy. As is her makeup. The blue eyes hadow is too much for me. There so much material below her knees and on her boobs. Overall this dress is just too much.

Why the Long Face?

Is Mandy Moore trying to wear her best "I'm a serious actress" face or is she just pissed because her dress is the ugliest on the red carpet? The world may never know.

This girl is sad because she was forced to wear fetuses on her dress and then that same person stole her brush.

I'd be making that stink face too, if my bosom and my dress were at war with each other.

Most Stylish Sitcom

The ladies of Blackish never disappoint. Their style on the show is phenomenal, but their red carpet style is also on point. Yara Shahidi is 16 years old and isn't trying to dress or look like Kylie Jenner, thank god. This dress is youthful, but not childish. It's a little different with the short sleeves and buttoned up front. Her make-up is gorgeous. She is beautiful!

Tracy Ellis Ross, is also gorgeous. She radiates so much positive energy and joy all the time. I follow her on instagram too and her posts are always really light and fun. I bet she'd be a fun friend to have. Her body is banging- so strong and curvy. Love her!!


Kerry Washington. She is a perfect celebrity. Smart, gorgeous, well spoken, talented, private, well dressed. She always brings it to an awards show. She went au natural last night with a big head of curly hair and it was fantastic. The perfect compliment to her sexy, black dress with cool cut-outs. I have nothing bad to say about Kerry. She looks so good.

Where's Beyonce

Beyonce was supposed to be there tonight. She no-showed. When Bey goes to an awards show, she OWNS the awards show. She doesn't sit in the second row behind Liev Schreiber, she sits in the front row next to Jay-Z. Beyonce gets at least 15 minutes to perform pretty much her entire album. When the Emmy Awards learns how to treat Queen Bey with respect, she will grace us with her presence.

Post-Partum Emmys

There were some new moms on the red carpet last night. Anna Chlumsky (aka "My Girl) gave birth less than 2 months ago. She chose to distract our eyes from her mom-bod with dress that looks like a tulip bulb with a tail. Anna was really damned if she did or didn't. She could have said "F it, my body just made a human" I just had a baby and worn a normal dress but be a bit lumpy and bumpy, but have the whole world talk endlessly about her lumps and bumps. Or she could have worn 14 pairs of Spanx and not be able to breath or digest food and risk infarcting her major abdominal organs for lack of blood flow. Or she could have picked this dress. I say she picked the lesser of three evils. Nonetheless, she looks happy and glowing and I bet that dress is easy to pump in...she probably has her pump stored in her train. Brilliant.

Then there's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt who clearly gave birth about 1 month ago and I am pretty sure she gave birth to a penny because man, she is tiny. See, women can't win they are either too fat or too skinny after having a baby. Let's face it, Ellie Kemper is the cutest thing ever. She's also glowing- look at that smile. Her baby penny is fortunate to have such a sweet, funny mother.

Emmy Besties

You may not know this, but Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are my best friends. Yup, everyone call us the Three Amigos. We do everything together...except Hollywood stuff. I let them have that. We decided that it would be hard for them to make their way in my shadow...they don't want to be eclipsed by the sun.

Like a true best friend, I'm going to be totally honest here. I don't love Amy's look. She's so vivacious and sexy. Her dress is something Sophia, the OLDEST Golden Girl would wear. Dress like a Blanche, Amy, not a Sophia.

Tina's dress is ok. It catches my eye only because it's green and I love green. I think if this dress were any other color, I wouldn't really give it much thought.


Best Emmy Ass

Lindsey Vonn, why are you at the Emmys? I don't know, but thank you for bringing your amazing ass. Look at that thing. It's perfect. I don't like her dress or her styling, but it doesn't really matter, because Lindsey is here for one thing only- to show off her butt.

I follow Lindsey on instagram and holy crap, that girl works hard. She deserves that ass, because she works hard for it.

I'll have what she's having...

Angela Bassett is ageless. Didn't she play an "older" woman in How Stella Got Her Groove Back? That movie came out in 1998 and Angela's face has not changed. She's gorgeous. I love her dress. It's simple, but so bold. And the sleeves. Yes. And her jewlery. Yes. Yes Yes Yes!!

A couple that Wigs together Stays together

These two. Oh to be a fly on the wall at the Travolta house. I picture a lot of tears and accusations and passive aggressiveness and wig throwing. John's wig never ceases to amaze me, but Kelly's wig is new. It's like she went to John's Wig Guy and said "I want to look like Maria Shriver on her wedding day." Pretty close, Wig Guy, pretty close.

Best Red Carpet Couple

Felicity Huffman and William H Macy- how cute are these two?? Answer: wicked cute. The cutest. I mean, they don't share the same Wig Guy like the Travoltas, but two are the cutests. Look at Willy grab Felicity's bum. That's love.


Who thought this was a good idea? Sarah Hyland is young and cute and dressed like an old lady who is trying to look young, but still hide her varicose veins. This dress is the perfect solution for that. But Sarah doesn't have varicose veins. This dress/pantsuit is an abomination and should be burned immediately. I can't even give it any more of my energy. It's so sad.

Spray tanner: 1, Claire Danes: 0

The look on her face says it all. Claire Danes knows that she looks like a high rent Tan Mom. She is not impressed. Something tells me that Claire's spray tan girl is a Trump supporter and when she saw Claire's "I'm With Her" bumper sticker, she exacted her revenge and turned Claire into a little She-Trump. Yes, that's totally what happened. There is no other explanation for that orange glow.

Best in Show

That dress. THAT DRESS!!! Again, deep V, not a fan, but I'm so distracted by the GORGEOUS floral material and the flowy, light skirt. I want to live in that dress. I want to wear it to bed, to work, to the gym...everywhere. Kristen looks so confident and comfortable. She knows that she's in an amazing dress. Her styling is also on point- light jewelry, non-fussy hair. This dress could have gone wrong on so many women, but Kristen nailed it. I'm going to go ahead and call her my best dressed right now. Hands down, best dress of the night.

Marcia Clark squared

We may be in a fight after this. I don't care what you think. I love this dress. I must say that I don't usually love a deep V...I think its a bit too played out this past year. However, I like Sarah Paulson's deep V here and I think it's because the long sleeves balance out the exposed skin of her decolletage. I LOVE the color. LOVE it!  Look at the close up detail to that dress. Its exquisite. I want to take that dress out behind the high school bleachers and get it pregnant...that's how much I love it.

Sarah, if you didn't know, plays Marcia Clark in The People Vs OJ Simpson. Well, wouldn't you know, that Sarah BROUGHT Marcia Clark as her plus 1 to the Emmys. Meta.


Hold Still, Priyanka!

Priyanka Chopra is so, so pretty. I could stare at her gorgeous face all day. However, it was really hard to find a great photo of that lovely red dress, because Priyanka would not stop spinning. We get it, your dress is flowy and fun, but stand still for just a second so it can be adored in its resting state. Girlfriend must have been dizzy after the red carpet.

Her makeup was spot on and her lipstick matched her dress perfectly. Love it all. 

Best Emmy Kids

Here are some kids at the Emmys. They are part of the cast of a show "Stranger Things" on Netflix. I've never seen the show, but I hear it's really good. Anyway, I'm just a sucker for kids dressed as little adults. Love that girl's hair and bird dress. She's a fashion icon in the making.